Smooch beta 2.0

Virtual and real-life social network organizer


  • Nice design and navigation menu


  • No features at the present
  • Instant messenger just for MSN, Yahoo and Smooch network
  • Poor usability

Not bad

Smooch allows you to keep in contact with your friends, adding your contacts from Yahoo, MSN and Smooch's proprietary network, but not others (Mirc, ICQ, Libero, Google Talk, etc.

), unlike its competitors.

During the first installation, the program didn't run properly, but no type of error message was displayed so there is still some work to do on the usability side.

Also, once opened, the program requires you to log in, without offering you the chance to register directly from the application and without providing a direct link to an online registration form.

The design and the navigation menu are captivating with a modern, iPhone-like style, and its clear, simple look will be useful once the program includes more services.

. At present, the 'Feature' menu only contains a 'coming soon' message, while the 'Smooch' page is completely white! We can forgive them because it’s still a beta version.

Smooch intends to integrate your virtual social life with your real one, organizing events and meet-ups. However, despite the developer’s good intentions, at the moment it's nothing more than a normal, multi-network instant messenger.

Smooch is an interesting concept which may well develop into a useful application but for the moment, it lacks any of the features which could make it truly interesting.

The Smooch Communications Network (SCN) features a new and innovative way in creating, linking and maintaining real and virtual communities. By allowing real communities to administer and create their own online and virtual communities while relying on the reach of the Smooch network, community lifestyle has never been easier!



Smooch beta 2.0

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